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Promoting Positive-Disability Identity
About Disabilities in Media

This project creates awareness on how disabled people are portrayed in the media.

One of the ways disabilities in media advocate for positive disability identity and making of disabilities an integrable difference in an ablest world is through giving space and voice to people with disabilities to share their stories and lived experiences, contribute to advocacy projects and be a part of advocacy campaigns.

This website supports the agential rights of people with disabilities to tell their stories in a way that informs the media.

Resources and Information

Supporting the inclusion and positive identity of people with disabilities using workshops and trainings


Read and download toolkit for
portraying people with disabilities in films.


Join workshops and trainings on communicating disabilities in a way that supports inclusion and positive disability identity.


Disabilities in media partners with filmmakers, disability charities, researchers, and academics to create better awareness and education.

News and Events

Share your stories and get the latest updates

This project gives space and voice to people with disabilities to share their stories and lived experiences. This also includes:

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Disabilities in Media and GADIM’s Toolkit on the Go!

Disabilities in Media and the Global Alliance for Disability in Media and Entertainment (GADIM) have now further expanded on the toolkit for representing disabilities in …

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