Disabilities in media creates awareness on the social implications of disability portrayal in media

About Us

This website promotes the rights and positive identity of people with disabilities in the UK and in global south countries such as countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia.

Disabilities in media creates awareness on the social implications of disability portrayal in media and ableist attitudes in culture as well as the role of media in disability rights and positive identity.

The project engages with challenging dominant and stereotypical media narratives about disabilities and people with disabilities in a way that helps to make disabilities an integrable difference.

Disabilities in media engages with these difficult conversations through research, trainings and workshops to understand the contributions of the media to disability rights and identity.

Ultimately, disabilities in media project is interested in maximising the potential of media, such as films, for making disabilities an integral difference and promoting positive disability identity.


In a media saturated world, the media are powerful in defining, promoting, sustaining and maintaining discourses of disabilities and about people with disabilities which ultimately penetrates the ablest world and reflects on the treatment of people with disabilities. The mission of the project is:


To continue to hold the media accountable in their portrayal and representation of people with disabilities


To advocate for the making of disabilities an integrable difference in a markedly ablest world


To spotlight the lived experiences of people with disabilities and their relationship with the media


To challenge policies and actions in a way that promotes rights and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Challenge media frames that present disabilities and people with disabilities as objects of charity, pity, shame, or tragedy, including media representations that frame disabilities as an act of God or the fault of the person with a disability.
To influence the media and society in a way that disabilities become an integrable difference and to promote positive disability identity.

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