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Engaging partners and project beneficiaries in workshops and training to co-create knowledge on disability representation in the media.



In one of the workshops, people with disabilities, filmmakers and researchers developed a downloadable toolkit for portraying disabilities and people with disabilities in films which has been adopted by some filmmakers in the global south. This kit includes the following subjects:



Disabilities in media project is open to support organisations, filmmakers, media executives, schools and businesses in trainings and workshops about communicating disabilities and the language of disabilities in a way that supports inclusion and positive identity of people with disabilities. 

The aim is to ensure that society understands the role the media can play in shaping and maintaining discourses about people with disabilities and the right tools of media literary required in navigating ablest media and their limiting narratives of disabilities. Support offered include:



By partnering with media providers such as filmmakers, the project is creating awareness for media producers and people with disabilities. Previous Partners include:

Movie Producer
Disabled Actor
Movie camera
Woman In Wheelchair
Vision Impaired Man
Woman with downs syndrome

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